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2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit 4xe Walkaround video with Mr. Hollywood

and then we're going to hop on the inside and show you the interior but first let's show you the back seats which are also very very nice now you will notice this one just came out the factory so it's still got all the foil on it okay I want to show you the highlights and trims in the back that we have here okay so this is a Macintosh sound system which we'll talk about more when we're inside but I want to highlight they've done this in nice plastic so it doesn't tear so your kids can kick it if you have kids you have nice Diamond stitching to really highlight the luxury of this vehicle you have a nice full glass panel and the roof and for the back seat you have a full wall plug so if your kids want to charge the iPad they absolutely can two USB plugs two USB C plugs there's no fighting over the outlets controls for heating and cooling in the back right here if you have a responsible adult of course and even heated seats in the back yes people in the back no longer have to be cold and what I really like about the Jeeps is that you do have this beautiful beautiful seat it's comfortable it's roomy and it's truly truly amazing that you can really sit nicely in this vehicle now also they do fold down these seats I always yeah or they put the little buttons for that but these seats do fold down that way you can go ahead and have them folded and you have more storage in the back and it's actually right over here see that falls down but what I want to highlight is they also thought about it so there's two positions for seating right so I can sit like this up or I can lean back a little bit so even if you're in the back you can have a little bit of lean in your seat you'll see the difference when I step to the other seat right you see how this one's straight up this one's a little bit down so you can do that and of course pull the fold all the way down to make it a nice flat even surface for plenty of storage but let's not talk about the back too much because you as a driver will be spending most of your time in the driver's seat let's show you all those beautiful features on the interior of this beauty I'll see you on the inside so welcome to the interior of the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit 4xc you will see interior redefined you have nice wooden finishes that really highlight the luxury the orange stitching the to highlight how beautiful really it is the power button for the battery traction and Lane controls parking sensors automatic Park which I'll show you in a minute here navigation already on board but of course you have Apple carplay and Android auto and a 10.5 inch touchscreen to really make use of all this extra space on here right you have your home button which allows you to customize the widgets you have you can have map and music on one side you can also put your climate controls on here suspension controls schedule summaries whatever you want plenty of widgets music Sirius FM FM am all that stuff and this is a Macintosh sound system meaning it really has power it can really play some serious Tunes now for YouTube's rules and regulations we cannot play any music in here because they will cut us out immediately in Banos so we're not going to do it but true you have to trust me that when it comes to sound if you look at those speakers right there if you don't know what Macintosh is they are a leader in sound system design for luxury homes so when they brought it into a vehicle you know it's got some serious power for climate controls you have plenty of controls to choose from you have your front your rear you can really control it and and heated and ventilated front seats which are controlled here also a heated steering wheel and you have massage options if you want to get a massage while in the car as you're driving you can simply turn it on choose a setting choose a type of massage and you're driving the seat's cooling you and at the same time you're relaxed you feel that pressure just come off your back it's really really really worth the investment you have the storage here where you have two USB plugs usbcs and regular plus aux but you can close this up if you want to have a little bit less visibility for the cables you will see we still have foil on here we're not going to take it off because we want to keep the car clean for you but you also have the option here of the park rear neutral and drive with a nice little shifter knob and you can change the height of the vehicle so this has what's called an air system that allows you to lower and increase the height of the vehicle at leisure so you can actually increase how tall it is by holding it up and it will rise itself up or you can lower it down if you want it closer to the road it will also do this automatically as you're driving and for what to make you either more aerodynamic or more off-road focused so you can have that completely done there right you everything's nicely finished and nicely done steering wheel is nice and beautiful leather with a four spoke design you have your paddle shifters on the back plus your volume controls you have your automatic cruise control which does come with the distance separation so you can actually choose to follow somebody in front of you and it will stop slow down and speed up depending on what's in front of you so that's really cool up there you have your battery charge for your electricity so you can see how the charge is going from the outside and two cup holders with nice illumination Knights you won't see because it's light outside right now but they're there I promise you and of course nice big storage two level with one level right here second level below that with plenty of space in storage nice glove box as well but you're probably excited to see what is the self parking feature so I know many videos don't show that so we're gonna actually show that to you I'm gonna give my cameraman a chance put on a seat belt so he can be safe because we're gonna put our lives into the hands of the machine today now I always trust this so I promise you it's gonna be great but I want to put I wanted him to put a seatbelt on because otherwise he's going to beep at you and you guys know that's not fun to hear so to park anywhere now we have a nice parking spot I see right there it will do it will do both parallel and and to the other parking I always forget the word parallel and perpendicular parking for you there we go but what we're gonna do first is we're gonna find a parking space or a parking line we're gonna press the parking button the parking on and we're going to choose the function Peril perpendicular or parallel park exit we're gonna do perpendicular as we're driving we can choose which direction we want to park in so if we turn the turn signal it'll go the other way if we turn the turn signal to the right we'll go this way it even tells you to use a turn signal to turn size right now as we drive it will measure the space for us and see if we will fit in there so I actually have a space right there and I'm hoping that it will see it and it's big enough for it to fit there but it looks like it determined that it's not big enough but it did find oh it found a space tells me to stop now I do have to control the gas pedal and the brake but it gives me the instructions remove ants from Wheel and shift to reverse we're gonna shift to reverse let the brake pedal go and let the vehicle do its magic you see how it's turning the steering wheel on for you by itself I'm literally not doing anything and I promise you I did not graduate from Hogwarts so I have no magic in me right I'm gonna get as close as possible I can continue till the car tells me to stop but if I don't feel comfortable I can stop right here turn into drive and the vehicle is going to make its mathematical readjustments and change it for me to pull forward for me again it will tell me to stop see it tells me to stop but if I didn't feel comfortable I can stop earlier then I will hit it to reverse again and it will do the rest for me doing an amazing parking job okay so if you never want to have to worry about if you will fit in a parking spot or not this will do it both ways parallel and perpendicular and it will do it for you in a perfect fashion but even to both cars we have space to exit and enter it does a better parking job than me I know we're often hesitant don't trust the machines we've watched the Terminator movie too many times right you're worried the Jeep is going to try to kill you I promise you the Jeep is gonna make your life so much easier when you're trying to park okay and let's look at this beautiful roof panel here because I didn't show it to you from the back you have the cover it doesn't slide it's it's power so we control how it is look at this beautiful glass panel to see this the sunroof you see the sky see the beautiful clouds it's really an all in all luxury vehicle at a price of a regular SUV so you're really getting all these awesome features for such a great value it's simply passing up on the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit 4xc is not something you can afford to do you need to do it you need to get into one you need to know how it feels I'm literally sitting in the car getting a massage right now you cannot beat that okay I'm feeling it I'm feeling relaxed and I love it if you want to see more videos like this hit that like button hit that subscribe button you want to hear from you put everything in the comments any questions you may have and call the number appearing on the screen ask for Sebastian if you want to set up an appointment to see one in person you touch it feel it to get a massage on the car or if you want to order one online we'll deliver it to your door we do deliver to all 50 states and we offer no BS pricing even in this crazy Market environment thank you so much for watching hope you have a good one Mr Hollywood out