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2023 RAM PROMASTER 1500 CARGO VAN HIGH ROOF 136' WB Walkaround video with Mr. Hollywood

hello everyone Mr Hollywood here with Jack Phelan Jeep Dodge Chrysler and bringing you the 2023 Ram ProMaster 1500 136 inch wheelbase in Black what you will notice about the 2023 is it has a new front fascia it is a redesign it looks sleeker the lights are more aggressive it has that bullish mentality that Ram mentality right where it's ready to charge head-on and of course it maintains the same core values of ram which are reliability power ability to drive and turn easily anywhere and efficiency starting with things like the bumper both bumpers on the front and back are made of plastic composite plastic reinforced underneath with steel of course but the reason that they've done that is not to make it look cheap or anything like that it's to make your life easier they understood the engineers understood that when you're driving a van the functionality of it the size of it makes it more prone to little fender benders dents and scratches by placing plastic up the most height of all Impact points so nearly every vehicle you see usually the majority of impacts happen here in this area they've minimized the cost of fixing and replacing and repairing these parts now you may be wondering what the 136 inch wheelbase means wheelbase is from the center of the front wheel to the center of the back wheel that's the distance of the wheels were to be straightened out and measured this puppy packs a 3.4 3.6 Liter V6 engine allowing you enough capability to have that power to have that kick to have that punch but still have a pretty mild gas usage meaning you're not overpaying at the pump especially with gas prices as high as they are today that is something important but it is also a front-wheel drive van meaning you have the ability to always have traction whether your car goes full or empty because the weight of the engine and the passenger cabin keep enough pressure on those Wheels to give you Traction in all kinds of weather now going to the back what you will see is this is the mid size right 136 the ram promasters come in 118 136 159 and 159 extended so 136 is right about the middle you have 10 feet of interior cargo space these are pretty tall because this is the regular roof the standard roof so it is higher than the low roof but what it will do is it allows you to stand in there comfortably at pretty much any height unless you were a professional basketball player but then you might be too tall for the back well let's get in the back remember that bumper thing I mentioned for the front same thing happens to the back you do have a tow hitch in the Middle with a receiver in their class four that way you can easily attach some tools or whatnot that you have nice position light you do have a backup camera up top there and I like that positioning it's high up enough so where if there's any crossbars or something at a height you won't whack right into it right you will see it from that point they have a little more maneuverability as far as the key the key has now been replaced for 2023 so the old style key that pops out the actual the metallic key to a fully electronic key with a push to start button and it does have two separate buttons to close and unlock the front and the back why do you want the say you are in a bad neighborhood doing a job it's late at night you're trying to jump in your front seat and drive off you're worried that somebody might jump in the back well if you only unlock the front you only have to worry about the front right you can lock the back and be safe and secure knowing nobody's going to jump into the back of your van so now we're going to hop on and we're going to open this back back door here you'll notice they open out all the way on both sides that way you can bring all the maneuverability around it whether you're parked in the city on the sidewalk need to maneuver your cargo to and from you don't have to worry about bumping into those doors and taking those longer routes it's a lot easier of course a load-bearing bumper It's a pretty standard features and Rams now which means you can stand on it bounce on it it can take the weight height wise when I enter through it and I know you see all of his close to it right up 72 inches so I'm not short I'm not super tall either again mentioned basketball players beware your head might have a challenge fitting here but this with plenty of space right you have 77 inches once you're inside so inside I actually have plenty of headspace still here's the the actual gate is right on par if my height will be careful stepping in when you do so now this one has the wooden composite floor it does have little grainy indents in there to keep you from slippery so it's not just pure flat you also have those little dents they don't make a problem anything but they do provide you a nice level of grip so you don't slip the distance between the wheel wells is 56 inches of course outside of that you have about 70 and a half inches 77.1 inches in height and 10 feet of cargo floor space giving you plenty of room to maneuver whatever you want in here right we can actually help you up fit this van we can leave it like it is that you can do it yourself DIY right or what you can do is you can call us and we'll help you plan shelves the tool boxes storage units whatever you want in the back we can help you maneuver keep in mind you also have the side sliding door which is very nicely positioned it's very wide allowing you to maneuver more items into it right you can easily put a crate standard American sized crate of 48 inches wide will fit right through the door so you can slide and crates through here or through the back allowing you maximum efficiency of entry and everything else like that if you do not like to be close to your cargo right because you worry about big crying from the back and to the driver's side you do have an option to upfit here a divider the divider can have a door the divider can have no door it can be plastic it can be metal there are many options we're gladly help you with it what I also want to take your attention to is in the high roof the taller roofs right one reason or you can send you do have a shelf up top here you can put some pretty nice neat long stuff maybe some smaller stepping ladder maybe some tools and boxes your choice what you put in here it's nice to have it it's nice to utilize the space which also extends the roof space right the length so you have the cargo floor of about of about 10 feet and then you have an extra almost two feet in here so if you really have something longer you can easily put it inside and slide it in there depending of course on what it is life you will see there is a standard light in here there's two on there's one over here and one over there that are old school yellow lights so they're not super bright they provide you with just enough light to see in the back of course we can help you equip it with LED lights LED strips or panels we can help you do all that through Jack Phelan that way you don't have to go to multiple stops we are a One-Stop shop place but now that I've shown you the back mind you this can carry quite a bit it's somewhere around 3 600 pounds of cargo that you can actually carry I'll list the dimensions in the description of the video because I don't want to miss the maxim up so I couldn't confuse you but I also have plenty of power and plenty of paper capabilities now we're going to get into the driver's seat and the passenger seat and show you what the features of the Interior are I think they're actually very exciting they've really upped the game on the interior features they really wanted to thrive to be more comfortable for you and they want you to have all the features you would have in a traditional vehicle when you're going on a longer Road or trip because we understand this could be used for your traditional workspace like construction or cleaning or painting or whatever it may be but they can also be used for long distance delivery right yeah it could be cargo storage it could be moving Vehicles it is your choice what you use it for we only enable you to have those features and benefits so let's hop inside I can remote start the vehicle from here but we're gonna hop inside and show you those features welcome to the interior of the 2023 Ram ProMaster 1500 cargo 136 inch wheelbase what you will see here is very similar to the other Vans of this style there is no mirror because there is no need for a mirror when you don't have Windows in the back of course we do have options that have a digital mirror that utilizes that camera to help you see you do have a digital screen in the front here that shows you your current ship your miles to the gallon information like that you have a nicely positioned steering wheel it's not too high not too low allowing you for maximum Comfort on longer tips the seats are optimized for proper posture so that you do not have back pain after longer driving distances and of course you have buttons on the back of the steering wheel to control volume and mode and everything is easy to grip because it contains the rubber finishes so it's nice and easy to control on here you will notice big oversized knobs for the radio with rubber grips around the edges so if you're wearing heavy gloves or heavy duty gloves on your hands you can easily grab them and make things happen the Uconnect 5.0 on here allows you for easy utility of the Apple carplay in Android auto and you have the controls all along the side so that you can change things up to your to your preference the home button allows it to be in a widget Zone where you can change up and add different widgets music allows you to control your music phone allows you to sync your phone and it does guide you through it and you do have your vehicle information for anything extra that you want to add like trippy controls and settings and of course you can download files but I really appreciate about the ram promasters is they they have made this cooling and heating system very optimal it's really hot outside especially for somebody like me you know if you look at me I'm so tasty I literally burn in the brightness is set too high on my ACC screen so by being in here what ends up happening is I get hot super easily this one those have really efficient airflow so meaning we're currently at about 30 percent I don't feel like I need more airflow from the vehicle I can Pump It Up when it'll be much cooler and colder in here which is what I think is fantastic and they've managed to maneuver the airflow for the driver that way you don't have to stress about how hot or cold it is but they've also optimized storage everything is reachable everything's within distance but you have plenty of storage space starting with the Shelf up top here these are large deep spaces you're gonna put some bigger items in easy reachable as a driver that you have ridges so it wants to fly into your head but mind you you probably don't want to put screwdrivers or other things like that up there because if you do hit a bump and it jumps up and bounces off and hits you in the face might not be a pretty sight right but you do also have three cup holders in the center one cup holder in the door for a total of five give a nice self to put your phone on and a little shelf here which I actually like to use often for the key if I don't have the little lots of lots of things here or there's a little knife streak here it also puts the key pretty well then you'll have two glove boxes one on the bottom and one up top and a shelf in the middle so plenty of storage space again to make it as easy as possible and yes I showed you at the back there is a backup camera I think the backup camera is for me to admire because it does have nice easy functionality you'll see a lines move with you here it's crisp it's large fish hot angle so it's easy for you to make proper parking as you're doing right let's say I want to park in that little spot right there there's a Jeep in front of it I can easily maneuver into it those lines provide some good guidance and I can see my bumper I can see all the height and length of everything or I can get really comfortably close to it without stressing that I'm gonna hit it so that's the beauty of it it's a really nice and comfortable ride it's equipped with all that comfort features you would need and I thank you guys for watching please be ready to call phone number that shows up on the bottom here in one second Sebastian Novak number and this number is for the failing Home Direct program or any questions that you may have about acquiring a Jeep Dodge Chrysler or a ram we offer delivery to all 50 states yes we have even delivered to Hawaii in the we can go to your vehicle to you wherever you want and you can make all the purchasing decisions do all the paperwork from the comfort of your home or office honest no BS pricing just call the number call Sebastian so make sure you get taken care of smash the like button hit the Subscribe button we'll see you next time Mr Hollywood

In the video "2023 RAM PROMASTER 1500 CARGO VAN HIGH ROOF 136' WB Walkaround video with Mr. Hollywood", Mr. Hollywood gives a detailed walkaround of the 2023 Ram ProMaster 1500 cargo van. He starts by pointing out the new front fascia, which is a redesign that gives the van a more aggressive look. He also notes that the bumpers are made of plastic composite, which is designed to make the van more durable and easier to repair in the event of a minor accident.

Mr. Hollywood then moves on to the interior of the van. He notes that the interior is spacious and comfortable, with plenty of room for passengers and cargo. He also points out the various features that make the van ideal for commercial use, such as the large cargo area, the multiple tie-down points, and the available power outlets.

Finally, Mr. Hollywood takes the van for a test drive. He notes that the van is easy to drive and maneuver, and that it has plenty of power for both city and highway driving. He also says that the van is comfortable to ride in, even over long distances.

Overall, Mr. Hollywood gives the 2023 Ram ProMaster 1500 cargo van a positive review. He says that it is a well-built, versatile van that is ideal for commercial use. He also says that it is a comfortable and easy-to-drive van that is perfect for long road trips.

Here are some of the key features of the 2023 Ram ProMaster 1500 cargo van:

New front fascia with a more aggressive look

Plastic composite bumpers for durability and easy repair

Spacious and comfortable interior with plenty of room for passengers and cargo

Multiple tie-down points for securing cargo

Available power outlets for charging devices

Easy to drive and maneuver

Plenty of power for both city and highway driving

Comfortable ride

The 2023 Ram ProMaster 1500 cargo van is a great option for businesses and individuals who need a versatile and reliable van. It is available in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of different businesses, and it offers a number of features that make it ideal for commercial use.