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How Many Miles Do Tires Last?

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If you’re a Countryside driver who recently purchased a new set of tires from the Jack Phelan Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram service department, you may be wondering “How many miles should tires last?” Tires are a necessary but big investment for your vehicle, so it’s understandable that you would want them to last as long as possible. With the recommended maintenance, most tires should last about 50,000 miles before they need to be replaced. However, where and how you drive your car will ultimately determine how long your tires last. Learn more about how many miles tires last with Jack Phelan Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, then schedule a service appointment to have your tires inspected and rotated.

What Determines How Long Tires Will Last?

If you’re asking yourself “How many miles do tires last on Chicago roads,” the answer may not be what you expect. In general, tires should last 50,000 miles, but there are a number of factors that will change that answer. We’ve listed a few reasons below:

  • The Type of Tire: Genuine OEM high-performance seasonal tires will have extra grip, but they might wear faster than all-season tires that have less rolling resistance.
  • The Treadwear Rating: For an easy answer on how long your tires last, check the treadwear rating. This will tell you the life expectancy of your tire treads, which ultimately determines if your tires are safe to drive on.
  • The Drivetrain: If you drive an AWD, FWD, or RWD, car, your tires will wear at different rates. Rotating your tires can help them wear more evenly, which will extend their life.
  • Oak Lawn Road Conditions: If you frequently go off-roading or if you use your truck on a job site going over gravel or dirt, your tires will wear faster. If you live in an area that experiences frequent snow, rain, or ice storms, your tires could also wear more quickly.
  • The Terrain: If your town has a lot of hills, your tires will need to work harder to maintain friction when you start and stop your vehicle. Over time, this will lead to your tread to wear faster.
  • Your Driving habits: If you have a need for speed and have to brake often, your tires will wear out faster than if you accelerate gradually and brake more gently.


Tips For Long-Lasting Tires

To extend the life of your tires you should be more aware of your driving habits and have your tires rotated and aligned at the recommended intervals. However, there are some other things you can do to make your tires last longer:

  • Check your tire air pressure regularly. The easiest time to do this is at the gas station or when you’re performing routine maintenance on your vehicle. If your tires need air, most gas stations have air pumps you can use.
  • While you’re checking your tire pressure, inspect the tire tread as well to ensure your tires are still safe to be on the road.
  • As mentioned above, have your tires rotated and realigned at the proper intervals for your vehicle.
  • Make sure your vehicle is maintained regularly. When you do this, you can catch any issues ahead of time and ensure that there is never any additional stress on your tires.
Jack Phelan Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Countryside IL

Maintain Your Vehicle at Jack Phelan Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram!

Now that you know how many miles your tires should last, visit us at Jack Phelan Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram near Forest Park to have your car inspected and any issues fixed. You can browse our service specials to get services like oil changes or tire rotations at a discount. You can also order new tires or parts from us as well! Whatever your service needs, Jack Phelan Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram is here for you!